1. Chakra Zulu + Crown Chakra
    Chakra Zulu Kunta Kente In Outer Space Orko Eloheim Tafari Tha Sycotik Alien Drumwarz 777Beats

    Orko Eloheim

  3. Art Chakra

  4. Forbidden Physics

  5. (D&B) Dilla & Bass
    Jay Dilla & Orko Eloheim

  6. Kill Your Present Future
    Left Handed Scientist

    Left Handed Scientist

  8. Mechanical Habitat
    Left Handed Scientist Vs. Anti-Citizens

  9. West Coast Avengers
    Orko Eloheim, Tony Da Skitzo, Jizzim HD, DJ Lime Green

  10. Atoms Of Eden
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  11. Eyemagedon
    Orko Eloheim

  12. Eloheim Soundwave Scientist
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  13. Dreadlocks Incense & Oils
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  14. Walkman Terrorist Ep
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  15. Rulze Of Thumb
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  16. The Sycotik Alien
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  17. Doomsday Prophet (Cassette Version)
    Orko The Psychotic Alien

  18. Crop Formations 1995 Tape Version
    Orko The Psychotic Alien

  19. Postwar Technology
    Odessa Kane & Orko Alien

  20. 777Beats

  21. The King Of Hell [George w. Bush]
    Orko Eloheim NMS

  22. 777Beats 3: Chaos Is My Friend
    Orko The Sycotik Alien

  23. Walk To The Edge Of The Earth
    The Day Before Armagedon

  24. The Acid Bible (confessions of a teenage acid lord)
    777Beats (Orko Eloheim)

  25. Wardrum Machine Dub - Jah Fari

  26. Give My All
    Kaigen feat. Orko Eloheim

  27. Acoustic Anarchy
    Ddamage feat. Orko Eloheim

  28. Pieces of War
    Orko Elohiem, Banish & Aims

  29. HomeSick "The Way We Were 95-98"
    Milky Wayne,Orko,West Kraven,Tony Da Skitzo,Mr. Brady,Dizzy, Bassment

  30. Masters Of The Universe : Back To The Future 1995
    Masters of the Universe

  31. Micro-Crusifiction (Original Cassette Tape Series 1994)
    Masters of the Universe


Orko Eloheim [ChakRA Zulu] Los Angeles, California

Orko Eloheim, an avant-garde rap legend and producer in his mid-30s, hails from the Southern California underground. He mixes the virtuosity of John Coltrane with the psychedelic approach of Jimmy Hendrix, wrapping it up in the afrofuturism of Sun Ra. With more than 20 projects under his belt, he’s worked with innumerable artists such as Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Gonjasufi, and even Rick Rubin. ... more

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