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The Metamorphosis

by DJ 360 & Orko Tha Sycotik Alien

Intro 01:53
METAMORPHOSIS The alien has come for the final complete mental abduction Stages set for ultimate ear indigestion Echo audio reflection darkness triple stage Unwritten Pencil perfection Check the paper for pulse I word disciple Your words recycle radio waves Industry contract slaves Plantation penmanship North Star pentagon pentagram With the pen in hand Page pattern perfect plan Calculation blood circulation Critical condition My epitaph the the word infliction Capture Sycotik Alien body on the stretcher Eighth grade frog biology dissect ya Poetry professor You’re subjected to my lecture Metaphors in a mortuary Similes in a cemetery Since you a bitch I recite obituaries I talk teach through tongues Torment the terrified Vocally verified Three forms of genocide One two three (Cuts / Scratch Chorus) As I walk through doors I never close them Publication of misinformation Can expose them Two steps from exodus You turn away you can’t resist Under Satans Authority Patriotic foolishness What about sovereignty? Somebody yelled Community of self Policing ourselves Symphony your royal highnesses Send the sound to guide us The darkness of your inner light Can now no longer blind us Fake truths Real lies Position of my body spinning counter clockwise You’re just a number and a name You can’t complain You’re rich but haven’t gained in the white game A chess piece you’re not the best piece Guinea pig biology exposure pawn piece The metronomes your home In a word of seven chords So subtle with fingertips playing violins with swords (Everyman has his own technique)
Abduction 01:40
ABDUCTION This not a test this is an actual emergency Report to the assembly line all artificial human overground and underground emcees report to the assembly line prepare for service we can’t be stopped Stop your pacemaker Cut off your circuit breaker You waste your diction Spitting with no compression Alien audio alchemy Human catastrophe Out your anatomy This is insanity Enter my virus Papyrus my ideas come from the planet of Sirius Lifeline assembly line Construct you on conveyor belts and Implant how you rhyme Highly mnemonic influenced Software is expired I embody earthly language Reconstruct how you desired You have no capability Using the mic with no sense of Utility alien enter your sphere with hostility Memory I control you till infinity Infinity infinity and beyond Welcome to the assembly line Standby to receive your gold chain Name brand clothes studio thug license 9mm malt liquor bitch hoe backpack dreadlocks baggy pants head wrap Break videos graff videos DJ videos All of your slang will be given to you and don’t forget to ad a Ra at the end of every rhyme complete mental abduction complete mental abduction
Mainframe 01:36
Psycotic 04:36
PSYCHOTIC Masters of the universe Alien auto reverse Fast forward motion Revelation for the rebirth Applying pressure to the psychotic Is only sane Architect I detect the style That I will anoint Spiritual warfare is living through the physical my ancestors living through me Speaking is the ritual How does it feel to intake the human weight Mental masturbation while you running in this human race I am a black hole my Adam’s apple Natural black soul sent here to take Back your dead soul Solar system exorcism Trapped in this human prison Losing your religion Cause this devil gave you new opinions I am a natural disaster Father Time Mother Nature Caught up in the rapture How many tongues it take Venom in the neck snake Transgressions to the living god Was your mistake You fall into the cracks of the up and coming earthquake My heart rate is pure adrenaline You can’t escape I’m a seize the time before you hear this rhyme Journey cross the seven seas Abducting mans mind Pieces of the 7th seal across the sands of time I coexist as the psychoanalysis Hypotheses esophagus Foundation renegade Apocalypse How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC You could read every page Every word in every book And the answer to the meanings In the shit you overlooked The answer to the meaning in the Knowledge that was took Burning books like Hittler My Sound wave gets ya Feel the force of gravity My words fill the scripture Speak in tongues Omniverse opera Touching seven sections Of your synthetic chakras One with one Walk into the sun Burn until the flesh is resembling My melanin Future archeologists are studying My skeleton Your skeptic but I’m highly electric Shrooming off my style Acid got you epileptic I start an epidemic when my words Start spreading If you listened to the Bible Then you know is armageddon Your life is at a dead end I’m psychotic My life is at a dead end I’m psychotic Man into the future Full robotic Artificial life forms Full robotic Point of no return Technologies to blame When we destroy ourselves Is the day that God came Sleeping with the enemy Inside eternal flames Controlled conflict In this final God game The Greys came for your gold I’m coming for your brain Hold a mic inside my straight jacket Call me insane You don’t know pain You don’t know (Cuts / Scratch Chorus) PSYCHOTIC X4 How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC
Psilocybin 00:43
Escapism 03:25
Awakening 04:17
WAF1999 01:49
Spy Game 01:06
Hospital 04:30


released September 16, 2022

Produced, arranged, mixed & cuts by DJ 360 (Andre Prine)
Written and performed by Orko The Sycotik Alien
Recorded in lower Manhattan New York City 1999


all rights reserved



Orko Eloheim | Drumwarz | Ultranet San Diego, California

Orko Eloheim, an emcee avant-garde art rap legend & producer hails from the Southern California underground. He mixes the virtuosity of John Coltrane with the psychedelic approach of Jimi Hendrix, wrapped up in the afrofuturism of Sun Ra. With more than 20 projects working with innumerable artists such as Bigg Jus, Divine Styler, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Rick Rubin Gonjahsufi & I Self Devine ... more

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