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Special hardcore junglist dedication to Grandmaster TC IZLAM & DrumandBass icon MC Skibadee. Orko lays fire over Calculon, Austin Speed and Shamanga's FIERCE (6BLOCC VIP) released on SHOOT Recordings 6-11-22. Free for the culture massive respect to all jungliest worldwide.

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Shamanga Calculon Austin Speed
Orko Ultranet Eloheim 6Blocc

Shock and awe hit bricks with the massive force of a wrecking ball
Moonwalker like Shalamar
Daisy cutters on your avatar
6blocc with the drum chop
When the bass drop
Make a ***** R.A.W
Drumwarz is over the drop
Try to stop us fuck the law
Babylon in a hexagon
Break the pentagon
With a lexicon
Pawns in a game of global chess
It’s the Ultranet one step beyond

Act now we the activists
Online we the hacktavist
Ain’t no running from Planet X
If you’re in the way get smashed to bits
If you’re running up get mixed down
I don’t care how your clique sounds
Hipstep massive Alien Nation
In effect lock the shit down
Nine six three blast off
Reptiles with they mask off
Renegade hardcore wack emcees
Get burnt the fuck up with gas off
You ain’t ready to interface
Jump off the planet and separate
Bladerunner with the replicants
Theses wack emcees try to replicate

Swipe your card or count the paper
Running man no one can save ya
Cavities chewing up candy ravers
Architectnology met your maker
Why the fuck you paranoid
No ghetto life no ghetto boy
Roll you up like Megatroid
First we build now we destroy
Fucking you up when we rock the beat
Cops show up don’t stop the beat
Rinsing them off then push repeat
Fuck the club we in the streets
Seven chakras seven senses
Alien leaving the earth defenseless
Gun in the window like Malcolm X
Say goodbye to the earth dimension

Androids is basic
Androids is basic not ready for the basics
Subwoofer sound system smacking up the racist
Amitures facial recognition camera apiture
Blown across the stratosphere like space shuttle challenger
Drums made in Africa solar system massacre talk shit on the set and have the Tech running after you
Earthquake it’s the big one
Fuck Tom Cruise me the top gun
Better reach for the heavens when we cock one elephant shells in the shotgun

Sending love and light to the grand imperial Grandmaster TC IZLAM and the Drum and Bass Don Skibadee we love you forever ♾


released July 9, 2022
Calculon, Austin Speed, Shamanga, 6Blocc, Orko Eloheim


all rights reserved



Orko Eloheim | Drumwarz | Ultranet San Diego, California

Orko Eloheim, an emcee avant-garde art rap legend & producer hails from the Southern California underground. He mixes the virtuosity of John Coltrane with the psychedelic approach of Jimi Hendrix, wrapped up in the afrofuturism of Sun Ra. With more than 20 projects working with innumerable artists such as Bigg Jus, Divine Styler, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Rick Rubin Gonjahsufi & I Self Devine ... more

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