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Masters of the universe
Alien auto reverse
Fast forward motion
Revelation for the rebirth
Applying pressure to the psychotic
Is only sane
Architect I detect the style
That I will anoint
Spiritual warfare is living through the physical my ancestors living through me
Speaking is the ritual
How does it feel to intake
the human weight
Mental masturbation while you running in this human race
I am a black hole my Adam’s apple
Natural black soul sent here to take
Back your dead soul
Solar system exorcism
Trapped in this human prison
Losing your religion
Cause this devil gave you new opinions
I am a natural disaster
Father Time Mother Nature
Caught up in the rapture
How many tongues it take
Venom in the neck snake
Transgressions to the living god
Was your mistake
You fall into the cracks of the up and coming earthquake
My heart rate is pure adrenaline
You can’t escape
I’m a seize the time before you hear this rhyme
Journey cross the seven seas
Abducting mans mind
Pieces of the 7th seal across the sands of time
I coexist as the psychoanalysis
Hypotheses esophagus
Foundation renegade

How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC
How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC
How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC
How does it feel to be PSYCHOTIC

You could read every page
Every word in every book
And the answer to the meanings
In the shit you overlooked
The answer to the meaning in the
Knowledge that was took
Burning books like Hittler
My Sound wave gets ya
Feel the force of gravity
My words fill the scripture
Speak in tongues
Omniverse opera
Touching seven sections
Of your synthetic chakras
One with one
Walk into the sun
Burn until the flesh is resembling
My melanin
Future archeologists are studying
My skeleton
Your skeptic but I’m highly electric
Shrooming off my style
Acid got you epileptic
I start an epidemic when my words
Start spreading
If you listened to the Bible
Then you know is armageddon
Your life is at a dead end
I’m psychotic
My life is at a dead end
I’m psychotic
Man into the future
Full robotic
Artificial life forms
Full robotic
Point of no return
Technologies to blame
When we destroy ourselves
Is the day that God came
Sleeping with the enemy
Inside eternal flames
Controlled conflict
In this final God game
The Greys came for your gold
I’m coming for your brain
Hold a mic inside my straight jacket
Call me insane
You don’t know pain
You don’t know

(Cuts / Scratch Chorus)

How does it feel to be
How does it feel to be
How does it feel to be
How does it feel to be


from The Metamorphosis, released September 16, 2022
Produced by DJ 360 Andre Prine
Written by Orko Tha Sycotik Alien
777Beats Mark Of The Beats Ascap


all rights reserved



Orko Eloheim | Drumwarz | Ultranet San Diego, California

Orko Eloheim, an emcee avant-garde art rap legend & producer hails from the Southern California underground. He mixes the virtuosity of John Coltrane with the psychedelic approach of Jimi Hendrix, wrapped up in the afrofuturism of Sun Ra. With more than 20 projects working with innumerable artists such as Bigg Jus, Divine Styler, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Rick Rubin Gonjahsufi & I Self Devine ... more

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